Oaks Class


Years 5 and 6

    Oaks- Work for pupils during school closures.

    All children have received home learning packs. These can be used in conjunction with work set on Google Classroom. Please make sure you have signed up to this, if you are having problems connecting please contact us for help.

    Please remember to keep reading and practising spellings. Each pupil has a year 5/6 spelling list they can practise. A weekly challenge will be added to Prodigy and pupils are also able to access 'read theory'.

    Geography- In geography, try to find any maps and look at what the symbols mean. See if you can look up how to find locations on a map using 4 figure and 6 figure grid references.  If you look on Youtube there are videos on how to find these. You could make your own map with features, identifying these with either 4 or 6 figure grid references.

    RE- Can you find out more information about the Three Refuges and the Triple Gem symbol. You can show this in any format as you wish.

    Can you create your own symbol of the "Three Refuges" (Dharma, Sangha and Buddha) and label your diagram. You may have to do some research to remind yourself of their meanings.

    Vesak is one of the most important Buddhist festivals. It is also known as Wesak or Buddha Day. Can you do some research and present your ideas in any form to tell me what you know?



    We are the Oaks Class. Mrs Goodhew is the teacher for this class. Our teaching assistant  is Mrs Bentley in the mornings and we also have Mrs Wright who supports the learning at a variety of times during the week. We cover lots of topics this year such as World War 2, Space and the Romans. We also take on more responsibilities; helping with the school council, being play leaders and sports leaders.  We are a mix of fifteen Year 5 children and thirteen Year 6 children. At the end of the year the Year 6 children do their SATs which assesses how well they have done and how much progress they have made from their starting points.

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