School Council

"I feel incredibly lucky that my child has the opportunity to attend the school as it is an aspirational and inspirational school." Parent

Every year the children put themselves forward to be Class reps, or school council's Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Clerk. Class reps are voted in by the individual classes and the other roles are decided by a secret ballot, following the candidates presentation of their manifestos.

These children are responsible for discussing school matters, reporting back to their classes, and putting forward ideas from their class to the meetings.

Meetings are held regularly and all the children involved work really hard together.

Our current School Council

  • Chair - Millie J
  • Vice Chair - William B
  • Secretary - Scarlett
  • Treasurer - Oliver W

Year representatives

  • Year 6 - Theo
  • Year 5 - Ottilie
  • Year 4 - Annabelle
  • Year 3 -Tayla
  • Year 2 - Max
  • Year 1  - Delphi-Sarah

Since the start of the school year we have already had our first fundraiser! This was a joint event with FADS, a Country Fair and Dog Show. The school council and Mrs Bentley took responsibility for the dog show. The day was a huge success with everyone enjoying the day. We had lots of dogs take part in the show and lots of wonderful rosettes, trophies and prizes. Of course this wouldn't have been possible if not for the support we had been given from local businesses. Many donating money, prizes or raffle prizes for our event. We would like to say a huge thank you to our supporters, your help along with everyone that attended the day we managed to raise £1212 to go to FADS and School Council!

Supporting BEST IN SHOW:      Chazil Ltd

Eastern Concrete

Canine Clips and Cuts

Wherry Vets (Bungay)

RHS Flooring

Crossways of Ellingham

Supporting dog show classes:  Renault Pet Scanning

Darrow Farm Equestrian

FCS Pet and Equestrian

Wherry Vets (Bungay)

Run Free at Redisham

Gawdy Hall Estate

Paul Mounser Building the Future

Elite K9 Academy

Canine Clips and Cuts

C&P Electrical

Ryan Sampson Athletic Fitness

Brocks Barn Hedgehog Rescue



School Council have also continued with their efforts for reducing waste and recycling and the recycling shed is coming together nicely. More information to follow once all projects have been confirmed. The shed is unlocked and accessible 24/7 and is located at the back of the staff car park behind the wire fencing. We now have our new signs showing the way to the shed and new paving coming soon! In the shed we can take the following:

Genuine ink cartridges                       Crisp packets

Pringle tubes (any size)                      Aqua optima water filters

L.O.L Surprise dolls and packaging     Ella food pouches

Carex Recycling                                   Kinder Packaging

The school receives money for sending these to be recycled- (Please check Terracycle and Empties Please for more information on these schemes.

The items below we still take to recycle but the school does not receive money

Bottle top lids                                Batteries (Household)                          Unwanted bras




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