Online Safety

MS Strode is our e-safety lead in school with overall responsibility for digital safety.

Each year in our PSHE lessons across the school we discuss internet safety and the children make their own posters to help make others more ware of the dangers and how to keep safe online.

Resources for Parents

Click here to read copies of Digital Parenting online. This magazine, produced by Vodafone gives parents valuable information on emerging trends in Digital Safety and practical tips on how to keep our children safe online.

Think u know is a useful resource for parents and children

Childnet is a charity dedicated to children’s digital safety

Stay Safe is a great BBC e-safety resource

Net Aware is a useful resource to keep up to date with the apps young people use and their dangers

Here are some conversation starters you can use with your child to talk about e-safety at home:

thumbnail of conversationstartersforparentsandcarers