Celebrating Good Attendance

Good attendance is a very high priority in our school and as such, we do our best to inform parents regularly about their child’s attendance and also to celebrate and reward those who attend well.

Information About School Attendance

Research shows that children who attend well make much better progress than those who don’t. Schools are inspected and judged on the attendance record of their pupils and as such, are bound by strict guidelines which we are required to enforce. The following information sets out our expectations regarding the attendance of all our children:

Schools tend to have two main areas of weakness when it comes to attendance:

  1. Children who frequently miss the odd day here and there. However, these absences eventually add up to a large number
  2. Parents taking holidays in term time when they have not been authorised by the school

Our policy for Leave of Absence in Term Time, which is available from the school office, clearly states that leave of absence will only be authorised in ‘exceptional circumstances’ and that leave should not be booked until it has been authorised. Children who take unauthorised holidays are recorded as unauthorised absences and this remains on their academic record.

Attendance Letter and Legal Intervention Sept 2023

Attendance Letter From Headteacher Sept 2023